The 2006 National Awards

Hosted by Cork Institute of Technology

NUI Galway Celebrate in CIT

And the winners were...

A review of the 2006 Awards

The BICS (Board of Irish College Societies) National Awards, was hosted by Cork Institute of Technology on April 13th 2006 in the Rochestown Park Hotel. The gala evening celebrated the enormous contribution societies and their members make to the social, cultural and humanitarian life of their respective campuses. Societies offer their members the opportunity to acquire very valuable life skills, which complement and enhance their academic studies and produce well rounded graduates ready to make significant contributions to the wider community.

Representatives from the major colleges of Ireland where there. During the day, they all presented portfolios and attended interviews during the rigorous examination process. So important is the evening that one hundred and seventy society members from forty-one societies were present at a very busy time during their academic calendar. Mr Mervyn O’Mahony, CIT Societies Officer and awards coordinator described the evening as “the highlight of the Societies calendar and a wonderful opportunity for the best in the country to meet and share ideas”.

Special guest for the evening was Mr. Pat Cox, former President of the European Parliament, who presented the nine awards to the winners. During his opening speech Mr Cox praised the members of third level societies and expressed the opinion that everyone present was a winner by virtue of engagement and that societies offered their members the opportunity to turn the knowledge they have gained into good for their communities. He warmly welcomed BICS and said how proud Cork was to host the prestigious event. He went on to encourage the students present, whom he described as young Europeans, to avoid cynicisms in relation to what the EU has achieved and take pride in the fact that it is now the largest donors of non military assistance and encouraged those present to become engaged in an Erasmus of solidarity to use their gift of education for the greater good. Europeans should take pride in the fact that its enlargement promotes the re emerging democracies and gives a focus for transformation. It is the first time in history that the subcontinent is united and driven by the free will of free and sovereign governments. His speech was met by a resounding standing ovation.